Keeping Young Children With Wanderlust Safe

Keeping Young Children With Wanderlust Safe

5th May 2020

Anyone that has a child likely has been close to losing their mind at one time or another. To take it further, you may even have literally lost your kid for a short time. Yes, lost your kid. Don’t worry, no one is going to force you to answer if this is true or not.

Kids can be curious and quick. One moment they are right at your side, and seconds later they have disappeared. This can happen in your own home, but your stress level definitely becomes elevated if this happens at a public place. Luckily there are techniques and tools that can easily be implemented on your outings to ensure this doesn’t happen.

One such tool to consider is a harness that attaches to a fun backpack that your child wants to wear. These backpacks can be filled with your child’s favorite toys, and snacks which they can pack themselves, and come with a tether you can hold onto for your piece of mind. This cute combo of backpack and harness help take away the stigma of having your kid on a leash like a dog. It’s adorable, not ridiculous. These backpacks come in several sizes, so finding one to securely fit a 2-year-old, and another to fit a 7-year-old, is easy. Plus, there are many styles for you and your child to choose from.

Having a firm grip on your child is often necessary for their safety. Other methods available include wrist leashes or a walking handle. The problem with these two products is that you may end up injuring yourself or your child with a wrist leash. Walking handles may work better for older kids, but for the younger ones, all they have to do is willingly let go to no longer be secure and disappear out of sight.

Once kids reach a certain age they will flat out refuse to be out in public with what they consider to be a leash. The answer for this is to get your older child a unique backpack that is easy to spot in a crowd. There are designs available that stand out in a sea of people which will make your child more easily identifiable for yourself and others if they become lost.

Another reason to outfit your child with a backpack with safety harness, or a unique bag, is that they will always have their contact information on them. Simply add your name and phone number to the inside of your child’s backpack so that if they become lost, you can be contacted immediately when they are found.

Most parents lose track of their child at one time or another. It happens. There are ways to safeguard this nerve wracking event from happening. Something as simple as a backpack can mean the difference between losing your child, or having them at your side and in your line of sight.

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