Why Parks and Rec Should Be Your Go-To for Fun and Free Activities

Why Parks and Rec Should Be Your Go-To for Fun and Free Activities

Posted by Sammy H. on 7th Jul 2022

An often untapped resource for free or low-cost activities for kids is your local Parks and Recreation center. Most cities, even small ones, have at least one facility that provides services ranging from half hour swimming lessons to full day kid’s camps.

Contact your local parks and recreation department for a full list of activities for kids in your area. Most offer kid-friendly activities, such as the following:

  • Youth sports
  • Climbing walls
  • Dance classes
  • Pottery classes
  • Supervised hiking expeditions

Your local Parks and Recreation is a great place to find out if there are any sponsored free days at local attractions. Many museums, zoos, and other attractions offer free admission on certain days of the week. Often, there are chartered buses that leave from the rec center, and return after a full day of fun, saving you the drive.

Checking with your local Parks and Recreation regarding free concerts, or other free events happening in your area, is always a good idea. They may put on, or know about, upcoming musical events or plays that may not be advertised anywhere else.

Parks and Recreation is also a fantastic place to find out how to take advantage of free or discounted memberships at local gyms and pools. Many even have their own gym facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. There may even be a few hours set aside a few days a week just for kids to try their hand at weight lifting or the rowing machines.

If your child would benefit from the various activities listed above, check out your local Parks and Recreation website. There you will find a full list of fun classes and trips that will be a great fit for any child. Additionally, you will find a calendar of when and where different activities will take place. Regardless of what you and your child choose, be sure that they have a quality backpack to carry their gear, such as snacks and any clothing they may need. 

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