Thrilling Adventures: The Top Theme Parks Perfect for Kids!

Thrilling Adventures: The Top Theme Parks Perfect for Kids!

Posted by Jason P on 21st Apr 2023

Theme parks are a staple of childhood wonder; from the bright lights and vibrant attractions to the gigantic treats and snacks available at every corner, there’s always something new and exciting to grab your attention. By virtue, theme parks spend a lot of careful thought and years of planning to create perfect snapshots to make you and your children forget where you are and fully delve into the world around you. Let’s take a journey together to some of the top theme parks in the United States that any kid would love to see.

Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

Walt Disney World is the place to be for any Disney kid or adult. Its enchanting atmosphere and dedication to the “Magic of Disney” really make every themed area feel like a separate world. Unlike other parks, Disney World is more of a campus with 4 theme parks and 2 water parks on Disney Property, with shuttles between each of them and the hotel network. Each park specializes in its themes, so your Padawan or little Avenger would love to see Chewbacca and Spiderman at Disney’s Hollywood Studios while your animal lover would be thrilled to see the real lions and tigers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (with a quick stop in Avatar’s Pandora for some extra-wild wildlife). You’ll need more than a day or two to see everything here.

Universal Studios, Florida, USA

Universal Studios is another prominent theme park known for its stunning range of rides and attractions, and is two separate parks side-by-side. Both parks target Universal Studios Movie franchises in different ways, with one park having a much larger focus on rollercoasters, and the other on motion-simulator rides in your favorite universes, like Despicable Me or Harry Potter. The casual attractions between the thrill-rides offer insights into the world of Hollywood, with the Backlot Tour showcasing real fil-used sets with hilarious narration from your tour guides, and some walk-through shows take on the more foundational aspects of movies, like makeup, special effects, and sound design.

Legoland, California, USA

An entire theme park dedicated to a children’s toy and yet the execution is done to perfection. At the front gates is the biggest LEGO Store you’ve ever seen and half a dozen “lands” are throughout based on different LEGO themes, like Ninjago, the LEGO Movie, Medieval Knights, and LEGO City. As much of the park is built out of real LEGO bricks and clever-design, with intricate dioramas of some of America’s most famous cities like San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC on display with other rotating exhibits. Truly, every LEGO maniac needs to make a trip to this creative paradise, with rides, building competitions, and play-areas all around.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA

Six Flags Magic Mountain has always been a pivotal park for roller-coaster enthusiasts. Some of the most unique and thrilling coaster designs can be found here, like the entirely 2D Green Lantern Coaster (like a big Plinko ride), the backwards drag-race style Superman: The Escape coaster, or the flame-throwing, dive-bombing, seat-spinning X2. There are still plenty of gentler rides for your youngest to enjoy, but this is definitely a park to bring them back to when they are tall enough for all the rides, just be sure they eat a light lunch.

Cedar Point, Ohio, USA

Cedar Point is a world-renowned theme park located in Ohio, and for many years held the record for the world’s tallest rollercoaster: Top Thrill Dragster. The record has since passed, but the teeth-clenching heights remain! The park features an array of thrilling rides, some modern and made of steel while others are classic wooden coasters. Cedar Point also offers a range of other classic attractions, like a carousel, Ferris wheel, and a water park, making it an ideal destination for families with kids of all ages.

No matter how old your kids are or how often you visit, theme parks will always form unforgettable memories for the whole family. From casual entertainment to adrenaline-junkie rides, there are opportunities for fun for everyone. Enjoy a breathtaking adventure and take a trip to a theme park!

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