Mini Golfing Fun for the Whole Family: Tips for Making the Most of Your Day

Mini Golfing Fun for the Whole Family: Tips for Making the Most of Your Day

Posted by Barry P. on 21st Apr 2023

Golfing is a time-honored activity that takes a lot of patience, skill, and determination to get a score that makes you feel confident in your day; mini-golf takes a handful of sugar and a putt through a windmill to walk away mini-golf champion! No matter how old or young, mini-golf is a great way to spend a nice afternoon together as a family. Start up a little challenge or play care-free without scorecards and just have a good time.

First and foremost, mini golfing is a perplexing and fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Unlike traditional golf, mini golf does not require any special skills or athletic ability. The game is designed to be easy to play and is suitable for young children and older adults alike. This makes it the perfect activity for families with children of different ages.

It’s also affordable and accessible, as many mini golf courses are located in family-friendly areas and are often part of larger entertainment complexes that offer other activities like laser tag, go-karting, arcades, and batting cages. Families can make a day out of it and enjoy a variety of activities all in close proximity to each other.

It’s pretty easy to have a good time at a mini-golf course, but there are some helpful tips and tricks we can offer to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Course

When selecting a mini golf course, it is essential to choose one that is suitable for your family's skill level. Some courses may be more challenging than others, which can make the game perplexing for younger children or inexperienced players. Look for courses that have a range of difficulty levels or that offer separate courses for younger children.

Tip #2: Come Prepared

Before heading out to the mini golf course, be sure to come prepared. While you won’t be in the sun for long, it doesn’t take much on a bright and sunny day to turn from a little warmth to red like a lobster. Pack sunscreen and reapply as directed to ensure that one day of fun doesn’t get overshadowed by a couple days of sunburn. Pack some water and small snacks too, or be prepared to rely on the concessions for their pizza, candy, and soda.

Tip #3: Be Patient and Encouraging

There’s a sweet spot between being young enough to have a really great time mini-golfing and not so young they get upset that they aren’t good at mini-golfing. All too often you will see children miss a putt and take it out on the scenery and equipment, so have a game plan for your child when you notice they’re fun starts diminishing. Show them that the score doesn’t matter and putt your own ball around a lot more than you really need; enjoy yourself, but try not to get a hole-in-one on every putt.

Tip #4: Make it a Friendly Competition

If your kids are old enough, make it a competition between the family. Designate someone to be the recorder and keep the score for the group. Agree on and set the rules before you get started before you have to get a referee involved on the final hole. Have a small prize at the end for the winner, like a round at the batting cages, a soft pretzel from concessions, or an extra cup of tokens for the arcade. You know your children best, and if you believe they can respectfully win or lose, then have fun with it, otherwise leave the scorecard at home and avoid the frustration altogether..

Tip #5: Have Fun!

The most important tip for mini golfing success is to have fun! Remember that this is a family activity meant to be enjoyed and create long-lasting memories. So, relax, have fun, and enjoy the game with your loved ones.

In conclusion, mini golfing is an excellent way to bond with your family while having fun and getting some exercise. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable outing for your family. So, grab your putter and hit the course for a day of family fun and adventure!

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