From Hiking to Sledding: Outdoor Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy All Year Long!

From Hiking to Sledding: Outdoor Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy All Year Long!

Posted by Jason P on 28th Apr 2023

As parents, we are always looking for different ways to keep our kids active and outdoors instead of inside watching TV all day. Putting on a good show is great and all, but appreciating a summer breeze or jumping into a pile of leaves are some of the little joys that can be experienced throughout the year. We’ve put together a short list of activities that you and your children can do that will keep them busy or spur a new interest in the outdoors, with options for all seasons!


Between light showers and breezy days, when the sun comes out and shines on blossoming flowers is the perfect time to take everyone outside and frolic. Take a hike through a beginner-friendly trail or take up gardening and start a plot for everyone to grow in! Make garden boxes together and let your kids choose what they want to plant, then work together as a family to keep them maintained and healthy throughout the year.


When the sun is shining a little too bright, jumping in for a refreshing swim will keep everyone cool. Take a day trip to a water park or make your own in the yard with inflatable pool toys. Have a picnic and bring along corn-hole, ladderball, a frisbee, or a kite on a windy day. Now’s the time to plan for a family vacation, so make a big event or pack up and head off to a campsite with your prepped gear. Have a giant green hill nearby? Buy or freeze your own giant ice block and do some ice sledding down the hill! Just make sure to wear something you don’t mind turning green as you tumble to a stop. Summer is the busiest time for outdoor activities, so you have a lot to choose from.


With the leaves changing colors and beginning to fall, now is the perfect time to head out for apple picking! Look for a nearby orchard that offers apple picking, as they will usually have other games and activities to keep guests around. Press cider, buy local crafts, and even pick your own flower arrangement from their flower patch! Ready to go all out for Halloween? Make plans to start sewing and crafting now, before it’s the week-of and everyone’s scrambling to buy what they can from the clearance aisle at the costume store.


While the weather is more limiting for outdoor activities, snowy climates offer plenty of options you can’t experience elsewhere. Sledding, skiing, ice skating, and bundling up with some hot chocolate are classics that any kid will appreciate. Invite the neighbors over for a massive bonfire to ring in the new year or have a snowball fight after a strong snowstorm blows through. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of snow and can’t travel to somewhere that does, now is a good time to stay inside and get in touch with creative hobbies like arts and crafts to pass the time.

In conclusion, outdoor activities are a great way to keep your kids active and engaged all year long. From hiking to sledding and everything in between, there are plenty of activities to choose from that will suit every season and weather condition. Just remember to dress appropriately and bring plenty of snacks and water. With these activities, your kids will have a great time exploring the outdoors and learning new skills. So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and start exploring!

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