Creating Warm Memories: Making Tie Blankets with Your Kids

Creating Warm Memories: Making Tie Blankets with Your Kids

Posted by Eleanor H. on 24th Oct 2023

There's something truly special about crafting with your children. Not only does it allow for quality bonding time, but it also helps nurture their creativity and teach them that some of the best things in life are what we do together. One delightful and rewarding project you can embark on with your little ones is making tie blankets! These cozy, no-sew blankets are not only a fantastic way to spend an afternoon together but also a practical addition to your home. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of creating tie blankets with your kids and share some tips and benefits of this wonderful activity.

The Magic of Tie Blankets

Tie blankets, often referred to as no-sew fleece blankets, are simple to make, making them the perfect DIY project for kids. The magic of tie blankets lies in their minimal requirements – you'll only need a pair of scissors, some fabric, and a little creativity to create a beautiful and warm blanket.

Materials You'll Need

Before you begin this fun project with your kids, gather these essential materials:

  1. Fleece Fabric: Choose two pieces of fleece fabric in your desired colors or patterns. The standard size is 1 to 1.5 yards (3ft to 4.5ft) for each piece, but you can adjust it to your preference. Just make sure it's more than enough to cover from their neck to their toes.
  2. Scissors: Ensure you have a pair of sharp scissors for cutting the fabric. Now is the time to break out your special fabric-only scissors kept secret for occasions just like this.
  3. Ruler or Measuring Tape: This will help you measure and mark the fringe for tying. You can freehand it if you have an eye for it, but using a tool never hurts.
  4. Chalk or Fabric Marker: Use this to make temporary marks on the fabric for cutting and tying.

Steps to Making Tie Blankets

  1. Select the Fabric: Let your kids choose the fleece fabric they like. This not only allows them to choose a design that they'll enjoy, like their favorite hero, animal, or color, but also ensures they're excited about the project from the beginning.
  2. Lay Out the Fabric: Spread both pieces of fleece fabric on a flat surface, with the right sides facing out. Ensure that the edges are aligned. Clearing a big area in the living room is usually the room with the most space for something this big.
  3. Cut the Edges: With the help of your ruler or measuring tape, mark a line about 3 inches from the edge of the fabric. Cut along this line, creating fringe strips that are roughly 1 inch wide and 3 inches deep. Encourage your children to be as precise as possible but remind them that a little imperfection makes it something personal (and won't be noticed once the fabric relaxes and gets used).
  4. Tie the Fringes: Now comes the fun part. Show your kids how to tie the fringe strips together. Simply take a strip from one piece of fabric and a strip from the other, then tie them in a tight knot. Repeat this process along all the edges of the blanket. Don't overtighten them! Otherwise the blanket edges will begin to pucker and scrunch your blanket into an odd shape.
  5. Tie the Knots Securely: Ensure that the knots are tied securely to prevent the blanket from unraveling. A simple, tight double knot should work just fine.
  6. Clean Off the Blanket: After everything has been tied together, pick or vacuum up any little bits of fleece and toss it in the laundry on its own to wash off any chalk marks used and pull out any loose lint. You'll be surprised how vibrant the lint trap can get!

Making tie blankets with your kids is a rewarding and enjoyable activity that offers numerous benefits. It combines creativity, quality time, skill-building, and a tangible outcome. It's a perfect project for a rainy day, a cold winter evening, or any time you want to engage your children in a meaningful and enjoyable DIY experience. So, gather your materials, let your imagination run wild, and get ready to create beautiful, warm memories together.

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