Creating a World of Fun for Your Kids: How to Plan the Perfect Travel Itinerary

Creating a World of Fun for Your Kids: How to Plan the Perfect Travel Itinerary

Posted by Cameron Stoltz on 28th Apr 2023

Enjoying a family vacation means that it’s no longer up to what you want to do and where you want to go, but about how everyone involved will have fun and appreciate the experience. Take the time to plan an itinerary that will satisfy the entire family’s interest and create lasting memories

Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect travel itinerary for your kids:

Consider Your Kids’ Interests

What do you kids love to do? Are they outdoorsy or do they like big, bright activities? Would they have more fun at a national park to write about nature, or would they be thrilled to spend a week at theme parks eating funnel cake? Plot out your trip and plan to have an even share of activities so each child and parent will experience something that will make the trip meaningful and interesting.

Make Time for Play and Relaxation

Plan to have low-energy days or time set aside so everyone can relax and take it easy. Wake up later, enjoy a big breakfast, and do something simple for the day, like hanging out by the pool, seeing a movie, or visiting a beach. Even if your time is limited and you’re trying to maximize what you accomplish, don’t tire everyone out trying to cross everything off your list.

Choose Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Instead of the hotel with an adult-only pool, choose one that has slides, play areas, or at least offers space for your kids to be themselves without having to worry about nearby adults shoo-ing them. Some hotels offer family and kids nights with activities and games to keep them entertained, (and sometimes as a pseudo-daycare so the parents can get some rest).

Plan Fun and Educational Activities

If your kids are the type, look around for somewhere that’s interesting and educational about the local area. A museum or landmark can be a great place to take them through, even if they’re too young to really appreciate it; decades later I still remember the places my parents took me as a young child.

Allow for Spontaneity

Leave some empty days where you don’t have anything planned, that way you can play it by ear and do whatever everyone is feeling when the day arrives. Maybe it’s a good day for souvenir shopping or on the ride to the hotel someone saw something interesting that they want to stop at. Be flexible and allow for spur-of-the-moment decision making.

Travel at Your Own Pace

Traveling with kids can be a bit more hectic than traveling alone, so it’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to pack in too much in too little time. Take breaks when you need them, and don’t feel like you have to rush from one activity to the next. Don’t feel like time resting is time wasted, because what it really means is that your kids get to experience you on vacation at your best, and not rushed and cranky.

In conclusion, planning the perfect travel itinerary for your kids can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can create a world of fun for your kids and build memories that will last a lifetime just by considering everyone’s needs and interests and making the goal a quality vacation and not a long list of activities achieved.

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