5 Ways to Make the Most of a Cancelled Vacation

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Cancelled Vacation

Posted by Stephanie on 18th May 2020

It's been months spent anxiously waiting for the family vacation to come, and boom, someone in your family can't go because of Covid or another reason. You've taken work off, and want to make the most of the seemingly ruined week. Ever wonder what you do if your vacation plans are cancelled? Read on!

How do you lift your child’s spirits during a time when their summertime dreams will be, or have already been, crushed?

Finding something fun for the kids to do might be hard, but there are a few ways you can bring fun into your home when a vacation simply isn’t possible. Here are 5 tips to making the most of a cancelled vacation:

  1. Find fun attractions in your hometown. This could be museums, trampoline parks, water parks, or whatever will get your kids excited. 
  2. Go out to eat or order in. splurging on food is one of the main perks of being on vacation so to make things more special at home go ahead and go big to make the day more fun!
  3. Camp in your backyard. If you can't leave home you can still have some magical fun with your kiddos by setting up a tent and doing some s'mores in your back yard. Plus, as an added bonus, not everyone has to sleep outside.
  4. Do a movie night with all the things. Go to a theater, get pop-corn, nachos, drinks. Going big on activities is a sure way to make the week feel more like a vacation.
  5. Get a Babysitter to watch your kids. Find a babysitter that will watch your kids at an activity or event so the kids have fun while you have fun on a romantic day away.

Another way to help your kids feel like they will eventually be able to taste the fun a vacation provides is to purchase scooter luggage for them. Scooter suitcases are not only fun to ride, but have an attached suitcase for your child’s belongings. This space can be used for storing clothes for vacation travel, as well as toys and snacks for a staycation. A trip to the local park will be a lot more fun for your child if they have a place to store their games, sports equipment, and helmet. For an educational approach, kids can use this space to transport their books and school and friends houses.

From unicorn to robot designs, Kiddietotes has several models available to suit any kid’s taste. Each scooter suitcase comes with smooth-rolling light-up LED wheels that will be sure to delight the wee one in your life. Additionally, all scooters have a strong and thick exterior that is water- and scratch-resistant. A sturdy telescoping and adjustable aluminum handle makes gripping comfortable for boys and girls.

The stay at home orders will lift eventually. They really will. When this happens, and vacations resume, your kid will be ready to take on the vacay in a fun and fashionable way.

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