5 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing a Hotel

5 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing a Hotel

Posted by Barry P. on 29th Nov 2022

Venturing to a faraway place is exciting and can help break the monotony or stress of everyday life. Choosing a place to stay is as important as choosing your destination and your hotel can make the difference between a rejuvenating week or an exhausting endeavor. We’ve compiled the biggest details that you’ll want to think over before booking your vacation, not in any particular order as needs will change from person to person.


When you’re traveling for vacation you already have some destination in mind and your choice of lodging should reflect that. Think about the activities you are planning to do during your stay: are you going to have a rental car or ride-share to get around town, or are you only going to walk around? Sightseeing a major city will mean a lot of driving around to nearby attractions and landmarks, your options are either picking a location right in the middle of your plans for a comparable commute each day, or you can pick a hotel further away from it all for a better price. Going to a convention center or a theme park? Getting a hotel nearby means you can easily go back to the room for a quick break or drop off any souvenirs before you get back to it. A hotel further away would mean a shuttle, drive in traffic, or waiting on a pickup to get back to base with the whole family waiting impatiently. Really, what you need to ask yourself is “how long am I willing to wait to get home when I decide I am done?” as there is a real difference between a 15 minute walk and an hour in traffic after a long day.


Part of the delicate balance of finding a place to stay is getting enough of what you want without costing an arm and a leg. Every factor in your lodging will need to be considered, weighed, and ranked in order of importance while keeping in mind your overall budget. Proximity to major attractions, amenities both in the room and in the hotel, level of service, food options, noise, and even the time of year will all impact the final price of your room. If you aren’t going to need the resort experience, don’t pay resort prices; find something nearby that won’t leave you paying for things you’ll never use. Once you’ve determined what matters most to you and your family, it will be easier to break down your various options and get the most bang for your buck.


From motel to hotel to Airbnb, everyone has a different set of amenities than the last.

One might offer only the basics like 2 beds and a bathroom, while another will have an adjoining suite, large TV, a fantastic view, and even an assortment of restaurants within the hotel. Airbnb is known for being a “home away from home” giving you all the things you’re used to like separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and a designated parking space. Figuring out how you plan to use your room can help simplify the process: are you planning on using it just as a place to sleep between activities or are you going to be spending your days at the poolside bar watching your kids play? Having the space for a large family to sleep comfortably is a perfect time to choose an Airbnb, but a resort experience is only possible in a massive hotel.

Everyone’s needs are a little different and having the freedom to choose between different types of lodging is an excellent way to satisfy your requirements and have your ideal vacation.

Quality and Comfort

It may not be the first thing to come to mind but cleanliness of the hotel and its surroundings should absolutely be a factor in your decision. Make sure that you and your family will sleep comfortably and can walk around the area without being on edge. Walking into your room after a long day of traveling should put you at ease and if you come in and see smudges on the glassware, hair in the shower, and stains on the bedding, your time-to-bedtime just gained an extra hour. Or maybe it’s just an older hotel or Airbnb and the furniture is a little faded and worn and the cabinets are a little squeaky, but otherwise it’s a clean and functional room that’s just showing its age. Take a look at Google Streetview and see if you would feel nervous being there at night or if there is too much foot traffic from nearby neighborhoods and businesses to relax at the Airbnb. You’re on vacation to spend some time relaxing and forgetting about the day-to-day stresses, which is why you should be ensuring that your choice promotes that and doesn’t leave you on alert throughout the entire trip.


Reviews will of course give you a unique insight into what the hotel is actually like, beyond all the marketing and hype built on their official website. In general though, most people don’t feel compelled to leave a review for a positive experience and only consider commenting when it was a poor experience that left them deeply unsatisfied. Look at the ratings and reviews and see how frequently the poor ratings are left and how busy the location is; an Airbnb that has a poor rating every month means a bad experience every dozen guests or so, while a hotel with a poor rating every month means it is one among thousands. Do the reviews speak to minor inconveniences like extra towels having a fee or is there a major problem like mold in the shower or dirty sheets? Seeing how management responds to criticism and how issues are resolved might encourage you to stay knowing you’ll be taken care of no matter what or it might push you away because they scoffed at a health hazard. It takes practice to read between the lines of reviews to find what’s true and what’s exaggerated, but no matter what it will provide an idea of how a stay at the hotel will treat you and your family.

Journeying to a new place is daunting enough as it is, which makes ensuring you have a satisfying stay is an important foundation for the vacation. Take the time to consider all the needs you and your family have and plan accordingly. With the help of this blog, you are well on your way to having the fulfilling vacation you deserve, just remember to relax, have fun, and appreciate that your meticulous planning paid off. Enjoy your stay!

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