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3 Fantastic Tips to Make Traveling with a Toddler a Breeze

3 Fantastic Tips to Make Traveling with a Toddler a Breeze

Posted by Stephanie on 10th Jun 2020

We all love our kids, that's just what parents do, but we can still think our bundles of joy can become bundles of mayhem when you set out for some vacation. Taking your small child for a long road or lengthy plane ride is something that every parent faces at some point, and when the time comes there are three tips that can make your voyage a fantastic one.

First, give your child the opportunity to get some of their energy out before you depart. This can be a trip to the park, or a fun game in your backyard, before you even think about getting into a car. If you are taking a flight, give yourself more time to be at the airport so your child can utilize one of the play areas. Of course nobody wants to be at an airport longer than they have to, but leaving a little earlier than if you were flying by yourself will likely help make your entire journey less stressful.

Second, bring on the snacks. The more snacks the better. Have a variety with you, and even let your toddler choose their own snacks and pack themselves. One way to please your child is to let them carry their own toddler-sized backpack with their tasty vittles inside. Not only does this provide a little independence and control for them, but these backpacks come with an optional safety harness for you to utilize in a crowded airport. Just be sure their tummy won't be upset by their sweet assortment of goodies.

Third, pack toys, games, and books. This seems like a no-brainer, but really be mindful about the items you want to bring. Odds are the number of items you can take with you will be limited, so be thoughtful about what you choose. Perhaps bringing along a few familiar items, as well as some new items your child has never seen before. This will be a good way to keep your child engaged and entertained. And don’t forget about some screen time for the trip. Allowing for some back-to-back child-friendly programs doesn’t make you a bad parent. It makes you smart, and less stressed. Plus, it will be appreciated by others traveling with you.

Having all your child’s favorite things readily available for them can be easily done by getting them their own luggage. Backpack and suitcase combos are a great way to transport necessities such as clothes, pjs, and pull-ups. They also serve to hold all the goodies your child deems dear. Plus, there are many compartments to keep everything organized.

Implementing these three steps may not translate into your child behaving like an angel, but they will curb the number or meltdowns...for both you and your child.

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